About Us

Hi there, my name is Marisa

I create modern statement jewelry for heart-centered people like you, who appreciate the simple things in life.

I design for people who:

  • trust themselves, to live their values, follow their hearts, and wear what they like
  • make a statement everyday that “casual” and “stylish” can go hand in hand
  • believe in the magic of a walk in nature or a fabulous pair of earrings to amplify their own personal power

While I have been the primary artist behind the brand since we launched, 2023 brings exciting changes as my husband and co-creator of the business. Josh, is now full time in it with me and is expanding his creative offerings.

We’ve always dreamed of having our own business, it was just a matter of when. And in the middle of a cold January night, Josh bought something he’d been researching for years: a laser cutter. The first thing he cut upon its arrival was a Stormtrooper Snowflake out of some plywood we had laying around. I was hooked! I was also in the midst of my yoga teacher training, where my eyes were opening to previously unknown possibilities. Ideas were swirling and Om Sweet Ohm Design Lab was born. We launched our business 3 months later, in April 2018, with a small line of wood earrings and tea light lamps.

It was like coming full circle for me: my first foray into making had been my jewelry bead box when I was 12. I had a pink Caboodles (do you remember those?) filled with everything I needed to make earrings and necklaces to my heart’s content. I gave up the box eventually, but I’ve been making things ever since. A degree in Graphic Arts. Seven years as a picture framer. Eight years making hand-decorated cookies and wedding cakes. Always playing with watercolors, hand-lettering and calligraphy, stained glass, psyanky, mandalas, markers, just give me the art supplies! And all these years later, I’m back to making jewelry. Only now, thanks to Josh and an impetuous, middle of the night purchase, I do it with lasers!

In 2021, we dropped the "Om Sweet Ohm" and became O.S.O. Design Lab (that's Oh-Ess-Oh). We love that it honors our origin story but doesn't feel so serious. That's us at our first pop-up ever, back in April 2018.

At O.S.O Design Lab, we believe in 

  • Giving Thanks
  • Fostering Creativity
  • Acting Courageously
  • Connecting Authentically
  • Aligned Decision-Making

Community Support

As a woman-owned small business, we take immense pride in not only creating beautiful wood jewelry but also making a positive impact on our community. Through your support and the sales of our jewelry, we have been able to raise $1,187 for Our Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting northern Nevada's LGBTQIA+ community. Since 2021, our contributions to Our Center directly contribute to providing advocacy, support, educational programs, services, and resources to those in need. We firmly believe that the issues addressed by Our Center are not just relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community, but they also deeply affect ourselves, our families, our friends, and the entire community we call home.

In addition, we have partnered with the Wild West Access Fund to raise $669 through our Golden Womb Earrings. This volunteer-run organization is committed to establishing a permanent resource for individuals in Nevada who require abortion care. By supporting the Wild West Access Fund, we are working towards ensuring that all individuals have access to the healthcare they need, regardless of their circumstances. We recognize that these issues touch the lives of countless individuals within our community, and we are proud to stand alongside them in their pursuit of comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

By purchasing our wood jewelry, not only are you acquiring a beautiful and unique piece, but you are also contributing directly to these important causes. We are grateful for the support of our customers who share our vision of a more inclusive and compassionate society. Together, we can make a difference and empower our community to thrive.