Welcome to THE OTHER SIDE where jewelry adorns your soul’s ethereal nature 
and cosmic luminescence. The new collaboration between O.S.O. Design Lab and
EM3RSON has created space for the magical and mythical to interweave into
your everyday life.
THE OTHER SIDE is a unique collection that consists of two polarities, SESHAT
and DEVA, that hold the liminal in a unique energetic magnetism. From stunning
23k gold leaf and wood, to UV reactive acrylic, each earring provides a one of a
kind energy allowing you to embody the cosmic essence of your humanness.


Explore the hallowed domain of "Seshat," the goddess of knowledge and script, and set forth on an odyssey of insight and illumination that surpasses the confines of earthly life.

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Adorn yourself with celestial treasures of "Deva" and embody the divine energy coursing through the cosmos, shining as a radiant beacon of light that pierces the cosmic darkness.

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